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Alcohol and keys DUI

Protect yourself and your case by speaking with an experienced attorney before talking to anyone else, even the police. From the moment you're in trouble, seek legal help from a reputable attorney at J. Lansing Hills, Esq.

Know what your options are for a DUI

Call when you need help, 24 hours a day


• Driver's license revocation

• License restoration fees

• Substance treatment or counseling

• First time offender programs

Legal fines and penalties

• Ignition interlock device installation

• SR-22 insurance

• Increased insurance costs

Understand what a DUI can mean

Many DUI cases may appear, on the surface, to be “open and shut.”  As such, many people forgo retaining quality representation, because “what difference does it make?”


I can answer confidently that it can make all the difference in the world.  Moreover, a DUI conviction can have long-lasting effects far beyond what you may believe you already know; a DUI can follow you for years to come.  Skilled advocacy can give a case which seems hopeless much-needed hope at a successful outcome.  Adroit defense tactics and negotiation can mean the difference between a DUI being the “end of the road” or a simple “speed bump.”


As such, please call my office the moment that you believe that you may be charged with a DUI, so that I have the best chance bringing hope to your DUI case.  And remember, when your life seems at its worst, I am here to be at my best.

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