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Legal complications within the family can be emotionally exhausting for all parties involved. Seek legal help to work towards a solution with your family's best interests in mind. Call J. Lansing Hills, Esq. today.

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From Custody, to Divorce, to Support, to protection from abuse, the nuanced and technical aspects of Family Law issues are myriad.  You need competent and experienced legal counsel to advise you along at every step of litigation.  I have years of experience in Family Courts, and have seen the entire spectrum of facts and circumstances which may surround your case.


Aside from experience in these types of cases, I can only offer the fact that I am willing to truly represent your interests and desires in these extremely emotional types of cases.  Yes, it is true that compromise and agreement are infinitely more desirable over litigation in Family law cases, as, aside from being a more economical option, such amicable results tend to ensure closure and long-term stability for children.  As such, it follows that most attorneys tout their ability to “negotiate amicable settlement” in Family Law cases.  I assure you that, if appropriate, I am more than capable at reaching agreement with the opposition.


However, let’s all be honest, if equitable and mutually-acceptable decision making were real options in the relationships which usually end up in Family Court, there probably wouldn’t be a Family Law case in the first place.  In short, if the parties “got along” and agreed on key questions in life, they probably wouldn’t be in court.  As such, there tends to be a key disagreement, or several disagreements, as to how children should be raised, marital assets distributed, etc. which necessitate litigation.  In those cases, there is no reason to prize an inequitable, and possibly detrimental, peace over a hard-fought just outcome in your case.  After all, your children, reputation, freedom, economic stability, and the life for which you have worked so hard to achieve are worth fighting for.


I will never back down from a fight when your life and children are on the line; rather, I am here to fight for you, because that’s what I do.  I will help you to achieve what needs to be achieved in order to give you peace of mind.  Moreover, I can be, in these types of emotionally-charged circumstances, removed from the situation just enough to provide salient and helpful advice and also practical strategy as to achieve the ends you envision; or to, perhaps, give you clarity as to whether your envisioned end in a given case is at all reasonable.  That said, I will never pressure you to settle or betray principle to make my job easier.  I will keep fighting to achieve the outcome that you want.


Lastly, remember that, in almost every Family Law case, time is of the essence.  You may, right now, be ceding rights, and not even know that you have done so.  If you believe that you are in need of legal advice, and to have a knowledgeable and aggressive advocate for you, call my offices today; because, when your life seems at its worst, I am here to be at my best.

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