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"When your life seems at its worst, I'm here to be at my best fighting for you."

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If your son or daughter has fallen into trouble with the law, turn to legal counsel from an experienced and aggressive attorney you can count on. Give your child a fighting chance and protect their future with J. Lansing Hills, Esq. today!

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• Juvenile criminal cases

• Delinquency


• Adoption

• Termination of Parental Rights

• Children's rights issues

• Juvenile misdemeanors

• Juvenile felonies

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I have been practicing in Western Pennsylvania’s Dependency and Delinquency Courts for years, and have an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of a segment of the law, which, for many attorneys, becoming a quagmire of terminology, evidentiary rules, and standards of proof which may very well spell disaster for otherwise functional families.


Many people are embarrassed by their involvement with Dependency (CYS) or Delinquency Courts, despite their involvement, often times, being the result of the mistaken impressions of others.  In short, many such cases begin because a presumed well-meaning third party reports some problem to authorities; and, because many people simply want the problem to “go away,” they do not give such instances and interactions with state agents their proper attention.  


I am here to assure you that you may be giving up rights to your children, unwittingly making admissions, or revealing seemingly-innocuous details about your family which may result in months, or even years, of state involvement in your, and your children’s, personal lives.  You are best served to hit these types of situations “head on.”  So, before speaking to, divulging any information to, or opening your home to, any state agent, it is imperative that you CALL MY OFFICE FIRST, because when your life seems to be at its worst, I am here to be at my best fighting for you, because that is what I do.

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